Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obviously he is!!!

Dad was true to his word and in the afternoon...
...him and Frodo went up Pen-y-Ghent.

These are some special photos for people like Uncle Sneag, Auntie Ellen, Winty and Kimbo!!

This is what the top of Pen-y-Ghent looks like on a sunny day. I know you have never seen it like this. Dad said Frodo came first but only just!! Yeah right.


Back Down To Earth

Well we made it back down to the pub all safe and sound.

Time for a well earned pint and a bag of crisps.

I'm sorry, did you just say you wanted to go and do Pen-y-Ghent now. Are you bonkers!!


A Very Big Walk

So here we are, getting ready for another walk. And we are going up...

...there. Those of you who did the 3 peaks walk earlier this year will particularly remember this.
This is Whernside, the highest hill in Yorkshire. And we are going up it. Madness. MADNESS!!

Well we had better get on with it then. At least i am a passenger for most of the way!!

Fortunately the way is well sign posted. Its really warm and sunny though.

Must be quite hard for dad. Shame!! You shouldn't drag me up these stupid things then should you!!

Here is mum putting her best foot forward. For once she's not at the back.

The views are pretty fantastic though. You can see for miles.

Are we there yet?

You don't see this very often. We were buzzed by a bomber, which is pretty strange as we were actually higher up than it!!

This is about half way up and it is pretty spectacular.

Are we there yet?

Now this is the bit where dad normally says 'we are near the top, just over that rise'.

And this is the bit where Auntie Ellen will tell you there are about 5 more tops before we get there!!

However, to be fair to dad it's not that much further and here we are at the top.

Right, time to find somewhere comfy for lunch.

What do you mean, did i pack the sandwiches!! You had better be kidding!!

And i don't know why you are looking so happy and proud of yourself - we stil have to get back down!!


I got an Ice Cream...

And so did mum.

And so did Frodo.

Dad will tell you that he didn't have one, but that is a fib!!


And down we go again

So on we go and its time to head back to Ingleton.

Now they way down is a lot different than the way up.

It's a lot darker and gloomier. However there are some pretty spectacular gulleys as the river winds its way down to the village.

You certainly wouldn't want to fall in one of these. You wouldn't come up again in a hurry that's for sure!!

So I'm going to stay right here where it is safe until we get to the bottom.


Horsey, horsey...

...don't you stop!!

Imagine how annoying this gets after five miles!!!

Giddy up mule!!!


The Waterfalls

As i said earlier, today we are doing the famous waterfalls walk at Ingleton!

Dad says that he used to come and do this walk a long time ago when he used to come and stop with his Aunt Joan and Uncle Harry.

First things first, and of course the mutt has to go for his usual swim!!

And off we go. Now it is a very gentle and easy walk.

Well it is for me at least!!

The path winds up a vally alongside the river for a few miles, and there are several really impressive waterfalls...

Like this one,

and this one,

(Back up a minute i need to grab this leaf!)

and especially this one!! This is Thornton Force which is right at the top of the valley!!

From here we have to cut across to the other side of the valley and then follow another river down. There's not a lot to see, just farms and sheep, so i'll see you at the other side!!

Money doesn't grow on trees, young girl!

Yes it does dad. Look at that over there.

Another day and another walk. We are doing the famous Ingleton Waterfalls Walk today (more later) and this is one of the unusual sights that you see - a money tree.

Actually it's the result of a tradition that saw people push coins into the bark of the tree. The whole of the tree is now covered in old coins. Pretty weird looking.

A very special place

Whilst we were on holiday, mum and dad brought me to a very special place for a picnic.

This is Aysgarth Falls

For those of you who don't know the story this is where dad, in a complete fit of madness, proposed to mum all those years ago. And mum, in an even bigger fit of madness, said yes!!!

Reins are definately needed here, and dad has been warned not to even think about doing anything silly!!

It looks a long way down there!! Right thats enough, lets get back to the car.